Overcomer – Part 4

This week, what I want to do is I want to talk about overcoming something that so many of us battle with. I want to talk about overcoming fear. It might be for you, when you were a little child, you were afraid of a thunderstorm. It might be that you were a teenager and you were actually afraid that your parents’ marriage may not make it. Today, now that you’re older, so many of us, we have grownup fears, right? We’re afraid the economy might go down, we might lose our job. We’re afraid that something’s going to happen to one of our children. All of us, at different points in our life, will battle with feelings of fear. Fear is not from God, therefore, by the help of God, we will overcome the fear that has held us hostage.

Overcomer – Part 3

This week we’re going to be talking about labels. If I asked you the question, “Hey, would you describe yourself to me, maybe just three words, what would you say?” Here’s why I ask you that. This week, we’re going to be talking about overcoming labels. This is what a label is. A label is a phrase that is used to describe a person or a thing, particularly one that’s restrictive in nature. Whether we know it or not, labels are powerful.

Overcomer – Part 2

As we ease into this, let me just tell you something I believe is going to happen. I’ve been praying very diligently that God would speak to a few of you in a way that would significantly impact your life. The reason I say a few is because I’m not naïve enough to believe that everybody’s going to be rocked by the message I’m going to share, but I do honestly believe that there are some of you that you’re going to hear from God in a way that’s going to awaken something on the inside of you and move you out of your comfort zone into a place of faith and impact you’ve never, ever known before.

Overcomer – Part 1

Stare down your fears, shatter your insecurities, and shake off the apathy that tries to hold you back. This four-week series tackles some of the unseen issues that we all deal with: comparison, apathy, labels, and fear. Through Christ, we can overcome all these attacks of the evil one. You are an overcomer!

LOVE – We Connect, Relate, Belong

When the Bible says “the love of God”, it draws our focus to the love God the father pours out into the whole redemptive program. All the persons of the Trinity equally possess and operate out of love, but the Father especially, poignantly manifests this love in a way that includes us. When it says the fellowship “koinonia” participation of the Spirit it draws our focus to the fellowship the Holy Spirit pours out into our hearts and lives right now. All the persons of the godhead equally possess and operate out of this koinonia, but the Holy Spirit especially, poignantly manifests this fellowship right now in a way that includes us. The Trinity, the inner reality of God’s connection, relatedness, belonging, is a shared reality. It is a shared sense of loving community God shares with us.

Football Sunday 2018

It’s the BIGGEST sports day of the year – Super Bowl Sunday! Today we will be hearing faith stories from NFL players. Hear from Drew Brees, Trent Dilfer, Thomas Davis III and other players from Super Bowl 52 who share their stories of faith, loss, overcoming tragedies and playing on the biggest stages of their lives. All the while loving and trusting He who matters most, Jesus Christ. This will be a great day to encourage & inspire you!

Small Things, Big Difference – Habits

Today, we’re wrapping up a four-part message series called “Small Things, Big Difference.” And I’ll tell you, just as we get into this, personally, this is my favorite of all the messages that we’ve studied. And we’re going to cover one small thought that we’ll come back to again and again, that I want to say, I honestly believe, for some of you, has the potential to propel you forward into more of what God wants for you than you’ve ever experienced before. Today, what I want to do is talk to you about the power of our habits, or we might say our “disciplines,” because we are what we repeatedly do. We are what we repeatedly do.

Small Things, Big Difference – Our Words

This week, we talk about the power of our words. In the beginning, was the word and the word was with God. And the word was God. And the word became flesh. Whenever God created the world, he did it with the spoken word; our words are incredibly powerful. In fact, Solomon said this about our words in Proverbs 18:21, he said, “The tongue has massive power.” What kind of power does the tongue have? He said, “The tongue has the power of life and of death.” In other words, the words that we speak can be life-giving words or the words we speak can be life-taking words.

First Things First

The most important thing doesn’t always get the first priority – but it should. What will it take to stop being distracted by the urgent and start focusing on the meaningful? Today, let’s decide to put First Things First.

This message teaches about how to prioritize your day, week, month, and year with practical ways to put God first.

The Star: “A Journey of Peace”

That Star of Bethlehem briefly mentioned in Matthew’s account of the Christmas story drew those wise seekers from afar to the Savior thousands of years ago. It must have led them over rough routes and smooth ones, through easy passages and ones that appeared difficult with no way to cross. It remained before them as they undoubtedly encountered friends and fellow travelers and as they sat in the company of deceptive and powerful people like King Herod. Through all the circumstances and surprises of their journey, the star never faltered or failed. It faithfully pointed the way to Jesus. So together we continue to look for the light today as we follow the star on a journey of peace.

Blessings, Pastor Erik