Love Like Jesus – Part 3

We talk about why Jesus came but very few people ever thought about how Jesus came to us. How did he come? We know why he came. Today, I want to show you how he came. You might argue, “Well, he came preaching or teaching or healing.” If you did, you would be right. I want to show you another how that will help even bring context to the why that Jesus came. Luke 7:34 tells us one of the ways that he came. “The son of man came eating and drinking.”

Love Like Jesus – Part 2

Is there someone you wish to be saved— someone you love more than life itself? Maybe you have poured out your heart to this individual. You have prayed that he would decide to be baptized or be restored. You have shed tears. Years may have gone by, and he apparently remains unmoved by the story of the cross. By now, perhaps your hope has faded. Look at the thief, and let your hope be renewed!

Love Like Jesus – Part 1

There’s so much pain and hurt in the world, sometimes it’s hard to see anything else. But what if, when we looked around, all we saw was love? The greatest sacrifice in history shows us how to make it happen. Let’s learn to Love Like Jesus. In this three-part series, we’ll look at three main ways that Jesus loved the Church: by washing feet, forgiving sinners, and breaking bread.

Special Guest Speaker – Pastor Branden Heskett

This morning, we welcome back Pastors Branden and Veronica Heskett. They became the Lead Pastors of Christian Life in January of 2018. They have been in ministry for 10 years and served all throughout northern CA. We are excited to hear what God has been doing in and through them!!!