What is the Kingdom of God? – Part 3

What is the Kingdom of God? Part 3

What Is the “Gospel of the Kingdom”?
Now we begin three weeks on the nature of the kingdom of God, or more specifically, the “gospel of the kingdom.” What is the kingdom of God? What is the “gospel of the kingdom”? The reason this is important is plain from Matthew 24:14. Jesus said that “this gospel of the kingdom” will be preached until all the nations of the world have heard it as a testimony. This means that until all the unreached nations (=peoples, not countries) have a bona fide testimony called “the gospel of the kingdom,” it is the duty of every generation of Christians to press on with proclaiming it to the world. That means us, because there are still today thousands of unreached nations (peoples). And if that is our task, we must know what the “gospel of the kingdom” is. So it is tremendously important for us to study this together.

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