What is the Kingdom of God? – Part 5

If the kingdom has come in Jesus, what is the power of the kingdom doing? But we must be careful even how we ask the question. It is one thing to ask: how was the kingdom present in the life and ministry of Jesus and another to ask how it is present with us today. Jesus was the embodiment of the kingdom. He was the King. His demonstration of the kingdom was unique.

What is the Kingdom of God? – Part 4

Is the kingdom of God a future reality to be hoped for or a present reality to experience now? The answer is that it is partly present and partly future. Many of its blessings are here to be enjoyed now; but many of them are not yet here. Some of the curse and misery of this old age can be overcome now by the presence of the kingdom. But some of it cannot be. The decisive battle against sin and Satan and sickness and death has been fought and won by the King in his death and resurrection, but the war is not over. Sin must be fought, Satan must be resisted, sickness must be prayed over and groaned under (Romans 8:23), and death must be endured until the second coming of the King and the consummation of the kingdom.

Mother’s Day 2018

A Special Mother’s Day Presentation!
Today we take a break out of our current message series: “What is the Kingdom of God?” and we look to being a Mom from previous generations to this generation. We will have an open forum/interview with Mt. Zion’s own, Isabel Trujillo and Anna Newman!

What is the Kingdom of God? – Part 3

What is the Kingdom of God? Part 3

What Is the “Gospel of the Kingdom”?
Now we begin three weeks on the nature of the kingdom of God, or more specifically, the “gospel of the kingdom.” What is the kingdom of God? What is the “gospel of the kingdom”? The reason this is important is plain from Matthew 24:14. Jesus said that “this gospel of the kingdom” will be preached until all the nations of the world have heard it as a testimony. This means that until all the unreached nations (=peoples, not countries) have a bona fide testimony called “the gospel of the kingdom,” it is the duty of every generation of Christians to press on with proclaiming it to the world. That means us, because there are still today thousands of unreached nations (peoples). And if that is our task, we must know what the “gospel of the kingdom” is. So it is tremendously important for us to study this together.

What is the Kingdom of God? – Part 2

What Are We Up Against?
In 1 John 5:19 Jesus said, “We know that we are of God, and the whole world is in the power of the evil one.”
That is simply a stunning statement: THE WHOLE WORLD LIES IN THE [POWER] OF THE EVIL ONE. What an amazing role and status this statement gives to Satan! He holds the whole world in his power. Is this your view of the world? Do you reckon with a satanic global power that influences all the world so deeply that John says the world simply lies in its power? This is what we are up against. Not to be aware of it, not to be stunned by it, is to be very vulnerable to it.