Joshua – A New Beginning – Part 8

“How Big Is Your God?”

Joshua 10:1-14

How big is the God you serve? The question really is, how big is your concept of God? Is the God you serve big enough to perform miracles in your behalf. Or does your faith limit what God is able to do for you? Today’s message from the life of Israel gives us some important principles to remember.

This week, we see that the Lord is doing the fighting. We are told the Lord routed them (v10), the Lord chased them, and the Lord struck them down. Think of the excitement of realizing that God is fighting for you. We have all been decimated by the enemy, beat up by circumstances and wearied with our obligations. How wonderful it would be if God came to our rescue, took up our cause and defeated our enemies.

God fights for us too. If He were not constantly taking our side in the conflicts of life, we would have been overwhelmed long ago. Sin would have already defeated us and destroyed the last vestige of character. God still fights for His people and part of the wonder of Heaven will be to learn just how much God has protected us fought for us.

Pastor Erik

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