This Means War – Part 4

In this message we will look at effective fervent prayer that engages the battle against the kingdom of darkness with the power of the Kingdom of God. This kind of prayer calls for earnestness and fervency in prayer that moves into the invisible realm where evil has dominated a situation, and then breaks the yoke of bondage over those circumstances. This is prayer that confronts the work of hell and casts down the rule of darkness that is hindering God’s intended blessing for that situation. I want to say to you pointedly that every believer needs to face the responsibility of letting his life be enlarged by this dimension of prayer. If you want to see release or breakthrough happen in your life and in the lives of those you pray for, then there are times when you will need to enter the battle in a fervent pursuit of prayer—breaking in on the works of darkness and seeing them shattered by the power of the word of God that comes forth from your lips. There is no substitute for that kind of confrontational prayer.

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