This Means War – Part 2

This week, we will see that Satan has many methods to deceive anyone and everyone. He is a defeated foe and is not to be feared. Movies like The Exorcist portray Satan in an erroneous way. He is coming with deceptions and works through his people to attempt to accomplish his plans. His methods are cunning and many times mazelike so a person who is unsaved or a saved person who is biblically illiterate will fall for his schemes. I pray that we all see that God uses situations to build His children; Satan uses evil to destroy his children. For more information go to:

This Means War – Part 1

This Sunday, we begin a brand new series: “This Means War”. When a believer sins, he destroys his witness. Satan wants to destroy the effectiveness of the believer’s witness. The devil is an enemy who confronts each of us. We are powerless on our own to stand against him. However, we are given examples in the Bible of how to overcome this formidable foe. We know the end of the story told in the Bible. We are convinced that the devil will be defeated; but, until then we struggle with a day-to-day battle with him and his attacks. In this series, we will discover that we are not defenseless and we are more than conquerors and we can defeat our enemy!

A Time For AmericaTo Remember

My friends, proper equipment in life demands a good memory, likewise the ability to forget. All of the blunders, murmurings and fault findings unjustly made ought to be forgotten, but the fear of Moses was they might forget the God who had led them all the way, who had fed them with manna, bread from heaven, and who had caused their garments not wear out, nor their feet to swell. The nation of Israel was a chosen nation and had a close relationship and fellowship with God that no other nation before or since has had, except the Christian nation which is the Church of Christ. However, I would like to suggest that there may be a parallel in various ways to this wonderful bit of history. Some have called America a child of providence. I am inclined to agree with those thinkers who believe the founding of the United States of America was providential and that God had a hand in it. This is not to say that America is a chosen nation like Israel, but it is to say that possibly there was a guiding hand in the history of America, one of the greatest countries on earth– whose motto is, “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”.