This Is What We Do – Part 1

When I look around, here at Mt. Zion Church, I truly do see some of the most amazing, crazy, passionate, generous people.
We’re going to do everything we can to make a difference with what God has blessed us with, and I celebrate the generosity of so many of you. It’s truly, truly amazing. It’s God inspiring, and it makes a big difference in this world.
Unfortunately, if we can just call it what it is, a lot of people get uncomfortable when you talk about generosity, and the truth is, tragically in our country, many people are not that generous. If you ask them, are they generous? Many people are going to say, “Yeah, I’m pretty generous.” And the reason is because they give something, but we need to understand that giving and being generous, they’re actually two different things. This week, we begin our brand new series with, “More Abundantly”

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