Power For Life – Part 2

I was uncomfortable with the whole concept that I needed to have a spiritual experience. It made me feel a little bit unnerved, like “What are they going to make me do? What’s going to happen here?” I pushed back on it and I began to just think, “I don’t know if this whole thing that they’re talking about is even biblical.”

What I’m going to do for you today is I’m going to do the same thing that my pastor did for me. We’re going to study the biblical passages about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and some of the related topics that you heard in the video talk about, like speaking in tongues.

We’re going to look at what the Bible says about it, and then we’ll let you react to what you’ve heard. We’re going to study that together today. Let me take you to the first passage, one of the first passages he took me to was in Acts, chapter 8.

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