The Time Is Now – Part 3

Well I am very, very blessed to have heard really a lot of stories about how this little Old Testament book is impacting so many lives, and so today we’re actually going to wrap up our study through the book of Haggai. As we pick up the story this week, kind of reading between the lines. If you look at their attitude you can find that many of them really battle the same battle that many of us feel when we think we’re trying to do what you asked us to do God, but things just aren’t going well. We’re trying to do what you told us to do, and yet we’re not making progress. We’re trying to obey you God and yet our life still is not working very well. You can almost feel the cry of their hearts, “God we’re obeying you and yet where are you? Where are the results?” Is it really worth it to serve and obey God, and this is a question I believe many people were asking God and quite honestly many people ask today.

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