Why? – Part 3

Today, we’re going to deal with what is perhaps the most commonly asked question about God, maybe in the history of the world. Chances are pretty good either you’ve asked this, or you know someone who has. It often falls in one of these categories; people will want to know why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow that, or why doesn’t God seem fair? Most people I know are asking, “God, why did this bad thing happen to me?” Or, “Why is this thing going on in the life of someone that I love? Why are these bad things happening to me?” What I do want to do today is I want to point you to the one who can or one day will answer all of our questions, and it is my prayer that as we seek that one, that he would reveal to us the truth that God is absolutely and completely in control, and he is through and through good.

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