The Right Heary – Part 2

We can really see love when we look at how we treat people that can’t do us any good. How do I treat people that don’t have anything I want? How do I treat people that can’t do anything back for me, or people I’m never going to see again, or people that maybe in the natural would be unimportant to me? That’s what’s important to God. I think it’s so good for us if we can learn to really realize that God sees everything we do. We really need to live for Him. The Bible says that we are ambassadors for Christ. God is making his appeal to somebody in your life out there through you. That is awesome, but what a responsibility! With opportunity always comes responsibility. That doesn’t mean we have to be perfect. Sure, you make mistakes. Somebody knows you’re a Christian, they’re not a believer, and they’re going to probably try to judge you. We’re not going to be perfect, but if we focus on is what we produce. This week in part 2 in our series, “The Right Heart”, we are going to look at the real love in our hearts.

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