Why? – Part 1

The call we never expect…the diagnosis that knocks us off our feet…the regrets that keep us up at night. How could God let it happen? Why didn’t He answer that prayer? What does it mean when He feels distant? He welcomes our questions. Now, I just want to say going into this that I will not be able to clearly and definitively answer all of these questions, but what I want to do is provide Biblical context so that in your life, workplace, friends and as you get together and talk it over, we’ll be talking not based on our opinions or our thoughts, or what somebody said, but instead we’ll be talking about these questions based on the truth of God’s Word. And even though I can’t answer these questions definitively, we know One who can and we’ll take these questions to our God.

The Right Heary – Part 2

We can really see love when we look at how we treat people that can’t do us any good. How do I treat people that don’t have anything I want? How do I treat people that can’t do anything back for me, or people I’m never going to see again, or people that maybe in the natural would be unimportant to me? That’s what’s important to God. I think it’s so good for us if we can learn to really realize that God sees everything we do. We really need to live for Him. The Bible says that we are ambassadors for Christ. God is making his appeal to somebody in your life out there through you. That is awesome, but what a responsibility! With opportunity always comes responsibility. That doesn’t mean we have to be perfect. Sure, you make mistakes. Somebody knows you’re a Christian, they’re not a believer, and they’re going to probably try to judge you. We’re not going to be perfect, but if we focus on is what we produce. This week in part 2 in our series, “The Right Heart”, we are going to look at the real love in our hearts.

The Right Heart – Part 1

Often, we do things because of what other people are going to think if we don’t. That’s one of the things that causes so much overload and stress in people’s lives, is doing all kinds of things that there’s no real anointing or no grace from God on them to do.
If I’m going to do this, I want to do it right. I want to be an honest person. I want to be an honest Christian. I really, really, really want to hear, “Well done. Thou good and faithful servant.”
Love God, love people—sounds simple enough. So why is it so hard to live out? Maybe it’s because we’re going about it all wrong. Love isn’t about following the right rules—it’s about having The Right Heart.

Football Sunday 2017

Welcome to Football Sunday at Mt. Zion Church! “Football Sunday” features exclusive interviews with professional football players like Benjamin Watson, Anquan Boldin, and Brandon Marshall as they share how Christ has helped them be overcomers indipill.com. There is much more you are going to see and here this morning. We will hear great testimonies and messages from some of the NFL’s greats! More than 2000 churches participated in this event last year and there are sure to be many more this year!
Pastor Erik