Prepare The Way – Part 5

This Evening: “The Fullness of Time”
Somebody who misses the wood for the trees is caught up in the less important detail and they fail to see the overall message. I suppose we would have to say this is the problem with people generally at this time of the year. They are aware of the fact that at this time of the year something or other is happening which relates to Jesus Christ and yet they don’t, sadly, see the picture, they don’t understand the message. On the other hand, seeing almost everybody is thinking about these things, more or less, it is a convenient and an appropriate time for Christians to refresh their memories as to the real message, the big picture, so that we don’t miss the wood for the trees. Join us this Saturday night, Christmas Eve at 6:30 PM as we look to the apostle Paul whom I think especially looks at three aspects of the coming of Christ into the world.

Blessings, Pastor Erik

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