Prepare The Way – Part 1

Each year at about this time, in the days leading to Christmas, we hear these same words. This year, as last year, we are in the midst of wars and rumors of wars.

This year, as last year, we see violence and destruction and oppression. This year, as last year, we can look within and sense uncertainty and fear, and, if we are honest, the absence of peace. Most of us want peace. Not everyone wants peace, but most of us want peace tadalafil generique. The dissonance comes because there seems to be so little of it.

Our time could be described in the words of the eighth century prophet, who critiqued those who would go around announcing, “peace, peace, when there is no peace.” Today, will light the candle of peace and we will read the scriptures about peace and we will await the coming of the promised prince of peace. And I find myself returning this year with the same word, the same gift, the same prescription: the peace of the Lord.


Pastor Erik

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