What Are You Hungry For?

We need to understand that there’s a real difference between real hunger and not-real hunger; or, the kind of hunger you find in real Christians and the kind you find in not-real Christians. The hunger of a real Christian starts off slowly but grows over time, so that by the end of life a real Christian is more hungry for God than he’s ever been.

By contrast, the hunger of a not-real Christian starts off strong but diminishes over time, so that by the end of life, a not-real Christian is less hungry for God than he’s ever been. God is no longer as appealing as He once was. And so they no longer seek after God, but coast along with Him; no longer driven by desire, but by the force of habit or tradition or routine, and no longer motivated by an abiding passion for Christ, but by nostalgia or sentimentality. This morning I ask the question, “What are you hungry for?”

Pastor Erik

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