The Life of Joseph – Part 8

What a moment. Joseph finally looses it and bursts into tears and deep sobs. When he manages to get enough breath and composure to speak…he cries out to them in Hebrew for the first time AAA-NEE-YO-SAPHE! I am Joseph! Imagine the look on these brothers’ faces. The text says they were stunned and speechless! The callous-free, fancy robe-wearing younger brother they abandoned, treated worse than a dog, and sold to slave traders was now the 2nd most powerful man in Egypt! Their brains were scrambled— “Is it really him? How’d he get here? Wait, what? What’s going to happen now?” Realizing their certain doom if this is Joseph, the brothers just stood their looking like they had seen a ghost. But I want you to notice something—Joseph says; “come close to me.” It’s not the common term used for simply moving closer. The word is not simply referring to proximity, but to intimate closeness…it refers to coming close to embrace or to kiss. When they move in close, he confirms his true identity by revealing to them the best kept secret in Canaan.
This week, we see Joseph flooding grace onto them by letting them know that God had helped him understand why it had all happened.

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