The Life of Joseph – Part 7

We will all experience trials of some sort or another. It may not be as intense of a trial as walking your child through an extreme illness that will take his life. It may not be having to deal with cancer. But it could be dealing with the hard trial of a broken marriage, or broken relationships with others in your family. Maybe with addictions, or depression or anxiety. Maybe with work. Maybe its with persecution for your beliefs. I bet if I went to every single one of you and asked if you have dealt with a trial recently you would all say yes. I think it is common knowledge that, just because you are a Christian that does not exempt you from being exposed to trials. The question becomes when Trials come what do we do? This week, we will take a break from the Old Testament and to see what it is that the New Testament has to say about how we are to approach and trust God through the trials of our life. Therefore, I would like you all to turn to James and we will be looking at James 1:1-12 this morning.

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