The Life of Joseph – Part 6

What happens when the trials over? What about the emotions you are left with towards those who brought those trials into your life? One of the biggest challenges you and I face in our Christian lives is trusting God through the challenges of forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration. Last week we watched Joseph as he begins to confront the challenge of facing his past as he comes face to face with his brothers who wounded him. Their heartless treatment of him basically thrust him into 13+ years of hardship and heartache. But now he’s come through those trials. Now he faces the trial of working through forgiveness and finding some level of restoration and reconciliation. As it relates to our story, so far—Joseph demonstrates an attitude of forgiveness or a willingness to forgive. But, before he reveals his identity to his brothers and before he is willing to re-engage in relationship with them, he wants to see what posture of heart his brothers have. He wants to test and prove their character has really changed. Because real restoration requires real change!

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