The Life of Joseph – Part 5

Over the past several weeks we have been walking with Joseph through the ups and downs of his life. We’re calling our journey with Joseph: Trusting through trials because Joseph has been the victim of some deeply wounding betrayal, rejection, abandonment, mistreatment, and heartache. We’ve been learning from Joseph, as he trusts God through those trials. But, what about when the trials over? What about the emotions you are left with towards those who brought those trials into your life? One of the biggest challenges you and I face in our Christian lives is trusting God through the challenges of forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration. This week Joseph is faced with the challenge of facing his past in the faces of those who wounded him beyond description with rejection, abandonment, and betrayal.
Trusting God through trials at times calls for trusting God through the trials of forgiving those who have hurt you deeply and seeking some form of reconciliation and restoration.

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