The Life of Joseph – Part 4

For the Christ follower, suffering and trials are gold-quality-character in the making and God is the one who determines how long the process takes. He alone is the refiner. Job was beaten black and blue by calamity. Yet through it all, he held fast to His confidence in God. Listen to Job’s own words: He knows the way that I take; when He has tried me, I shall come out as gold. (Job 23:10) Job trusted God when it didn’t make sense to trust Him. Now, take our man of the hour, Joseph. Over the weeks, we’ve walked through this young man’s life and left with admiration and wisdom each time because of how his character kept him straight and true in spite of how he was treated. Like so many other heroes of the faith, he learned to see something more in suffering than just sorrow and self-pity. This week, we look at what a proven character looks like through the twists and turns in Joseph’s experience and pray that we learn something about what it means to be stamped with integrity.


Pastor Erik

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