Your Born Identity – Part 2

What happened? This is a question theologians are still asking whenever they contemplate Adam’s fall in the garden. All agree that when created by God, Adam entered this world like no one else ever would—not just scientifically, but morally! The blanket indictment that applied to all the rest of us—“There are none good; no not one”—did not apply to Adam, at least not in the beginning. At the time Adam was created, God said of him that he was “very good” (Genesis 1:31). But then Adam sinned and whatever man was left with after the fall, he has had to endure to this day. How should we describe this heart, what the Bible elsewhere calls “the old man” or “the natural man”?
In attempting to describe it, we must keep in mind that this is the heart all of us were born with, the very heart God vowed to replace. This week we hear from God just what it means to, “Reckoning the old man dead”.

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