The Power of the Holy Ghost – Part 4

Expressions of intimacy with the Spirit, including praying in tongues, have a proper time and place.
• Don’t ignore, despise, or abstain from the gift of tongues because some have misused it.
• When you pray in tongues, you are speaking the mysteries of God, and you can ask Him to give you the interpretation of your prayers.
• The Spirit’s power is given to the humble. Humility unlocks the door to God’s mysteries.
• We can pray in the Spirit when we need wisdom, desire to worship God on a deeper level, or want to intercede for others. The Spirit exponentially expands our abilities in all these areas.
• God’s direction often comes in the form of peace; when we pray in the Spirit and have peace about something, the Holy Spirit is bearing witness with our spirits and telling us to move forward.
• Praying in tongues refreshes, rejuvenates, and builds up our entire being.
This week we will conclude our Series, “The Power of the Holy Ghost”.

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