The Power of the Holy Ghost – Part 3

The Holy Ghost at Work in the Life of Holiness
The moral crisis of contemporary society is a pointed reminder of the need for a new morality. This goal is not achieved by lowering former standards of morality to correspond to present behavior. Such a move is simply to condone immorality and to develop an amoral society. Rather, in harmony with the doctrine of the holiness of God, the goal should be realized of achieving in a new way a morality in keeping with the Scriptures and the character of God. The realization of such a goal is possible only by supernatural power such as is provided by the indwelling presence of the Holy Ghost. This sets the stage for an effective expression of a life on high moral standards in keeping with the character of God. Although this achievement of moral excellence may always be relative in this life, it is tied in with the power of the Spirit in his life and the degree to which the Holy Ghost fills him and directs him.

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