Teen Challenge Testimonies 5-27-16

Teen Challenge is a network of Christian faith-based corporations intended to help teenagers, adults, and families with problems such as substance abuse. With headquarters near Springfield, Missouri, Teen Challenge USA oversees the US network consisting of ~80 non-profit corporations representing 200 residential programs. Unaffiliated Teen Challenges (though related in purpose) have also been be started around the world, with 100 countries representing 1000 programs and are served by Global Teen Challenge based in Columbus, Georgia. This week we are blessed to have Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge here for our service! For more than 40 years Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge has been helping men and women break free of their life controlling problems through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Too Smart For Our Own Good

This week we will be looking at one small portion of Abraham and Sarah’s story that most of us can identify with. God speaks to you, promises you something and it seems like it will never happen. You try to be faithful, patient and wait on God but you think God forgot about His end of the deal. We have all been there! When we are in that position we are faced with a choice. Will you continue to be patient? Will you attempt to make it happen on your own? Will you lose hope and do nothing at all? This week the title of the message is “Too Smart For Our Own Good” and I very much look forward to seeing you there and learning with you.
-Pastor Branden

The Power of The Holy Ghost – Part 1

The Holy Spirit is a member of the Godhead who carries the fullness of God the Father and the Son. He is not an “it” or a mystical power; He is God. He is not limited by time or space; He can communicate with and assist an unlimited number of people all at the same time. He was intimately involved in the lives of early believers, and He yearns to be involved in every area of our lives today. There is virtually no Christian life without Him, but there is an abundant life of adventure to those who embrace His awesome fellowship. Today, we will begin a brand new series and I pray you will get to know Him personally!

Women of Faith

The Bible is full of stories of faith, specifically the faith of women who contributed by making this world a better place in which to live and have advanced the kingdom of God. What could we do without the women of influence, the woman of God in our lives, our own women, our own mothers who have loved us and cared for us and blessed us and so it’s fitting that as we honor women on Mother’s Day or where would we be without them? This Sunday, we see that if you want to be a woman of faith do so by standing firm, rejoicing always, avoiding strife and resolving conflict and persevering in prayer, by practicing the presence of God and know that The Lord is at hand!


Pastor Erik