Habakkuk – Part 3

Today we will conclude our series, ‘Habakkuk – When God Seems Unfair”. Our first week we were in chapter one, that’s where Habakkuk is living. “God, I don’t understand.”
Last week we studied chapter Two, as he goes into what we would call a season of waiting.
God says to him, “Be quiet and listen. I want to speak.” God says, “Take notes. Write this down, because that way, you can document what I’ve shown you. And then, wait and wait and wait and wait. And even though things on the outside aren’t getting any better, Habakkuk is waiting on God.
Today, in Chapter Three, we are going to see something very beautiful and powerful and that is, even though the circumstances don’t change, Habakkuk’s faith and worship of God goes to a new, what I call Chapter Three level.

Habakkuk – Part 2

What do you do when you are struggling and you know that God could do something, but He’s not, and He just doesn’t seem fair and life just doesn’t make sense and you’re wondering, “God, where are You? What are you doing?” Today, if you are facing something and you say, “I don’t understand, God. You could do something about this. If I were You, I would, but you’re not. I don’t understand.” If that’s the way you feel about any situation today, or maybe one day, then I’m certain the book of Habakkuk will speak to you as we continue our series: “Habakkuk – When God Seems Unfair”.

Habakkuk – Part 1

You see it every day. Bad people taking advantage of the weak. Good people down on their luck. Innocent people suffering. War. Injustice. Ever get the feeling God isn’t fair? Discover how an Old Testament prophet can inspire a modern day faith in God’s Promises. The Prophet Habakkuk held the same sentiments in his day as well and he cried out to God the same as wee often do today when asked of God: “O Lord, how long must I call for help before you will listen? I shout to you in vain; there is no answer. “Help! Murder!” I cry, but no one comes to save. Must I forever see this sin and sadness all around me?” Habakkuk 1:2-3 (TLB) This Sunday we begin a brand new series, “Habakkuk – When God seems unfair”.