The Voice of God – Part 2

Why a talk about spiritual protocol? Many churches lack an understanding of how prophecy should be handled both corporately and individually within their midst. Done properly, and having correct scriptural protocol, the prophetic word is a catalytic, powerful influence on a church. Ministered incorrectly, it can cause enormous confusion and church splits. Through the years, I’ve seen many mistakes made through giving and receiving prophetic words that could have been cleared up simply by understanding protocol. This week we will look to the scriptures together to find God’s “Spirit Protocol”.

The Voice of God – Part 1

I really believe God wants His children to know His Voice and that He still speaks in an intimate, individual way today. If you have ever been confused by a prophecy someone gave you, this series is for you. Maybe you didn’t have any idea what to do with a prophetic word that was given to you. Some of you have longed for confirmations to things you’ve thought about, or wondered if anyone else like you exist on God’s planet. I hope you will chuckle and remark to a friend, “Hey, remember when I told you so and so? Look at this!”

The Meeting

There is a mythology, not a theology that some people believe that says in order for you to follow Jesus you have to sit in a meeting. If you are here today, you have either made the decision to make this your “Home” church or you are still deciding or maybe you are just trying to make the effort to go to church and you really don’t care where you go to church. But let me say this, where you decide to go to church is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life! And as you make your decision you are taking into account this room, this meeting. Today, we will look at what the Bible say when it comes to this meeting that God has called us to each week.

Football Sunday 2016

Football Sunday features exclusive interviews with professional football players like Drew Brees, Thomas Davis, and Trent Dilfer sharing their faith in Christ. There is much more you are going to see and hear this Sunday. We will hear great testimonies and messages from some of the NFL’s greats! More than 1200 churches participated in the inaugural event last year and there are sure to be many more this year!