The Counselor Part 4

“Why Do You Doubt?”

Special Guest Speaker – Rev Mike Sherwood

This Sunday,we welcome a very special guest, Rev. Mike Sherwood from East London, England. Rev. Rev. Mike comes to us with extensive experience building the Kingdom of God. He is a past Regional Superintendent of Elim Pentecostal Churches, for seventeen years Re. Mike served as Senior Minister of Christian Centre Chelmsford and he is currently, Principal of East London Bible Academy and continues his work in Church and ministry development. Rev. Mike enjoys building the local church, working with Christian Leaders, people, learning new things and change. “As a minister I was challenged to be a follower Of Jesus, this has kept me reflecting on the past, focused on the present and looking forward. To keep following is to keep moving and keep learning. A learning Church is a growing Church. To follow Jesus is to stay in touch with people.” I look forward to hearing what God will have for us though our very special guest.